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Company Profile

Injoinic Technology Corp. is an IC design company focusing on r&d and sales of high performance and high quality digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit chips. Its excellent design team from the world famous large IC design company, has more than 10 years of advanced digital and analog hybrid chip design, production and testing technology experience. The company has unique technologies in power management, battery management, wireless signal processing and high performance audio signal processing. The company continues to introduce the industry's most cost-effective intelligent digital-analog hybrid IC, by many customers welcome. At present, the company has formed three product lines: power management, audio processing and battery management (including mobile power SOC). The power management chip provided by yingjixin has been widely used in many fields such as smart phones, tablets, set-top boxes, IPC, etc., which has been recognized by leading main controller in the industry and become its recommended power management IC supplier. The SOC scheme of integrated mobile power supply of yingji core realizes MCU power display, switch charging, switch boosting, button pressing, flashlight light, side charging and side discharge, lithium battery protection and other functions with one chip, providing customers with high-performance and lowest BOM solutions, and gradually becoming the benchmark scheme of mobile power supply. Yingjixin technology has been adhering to the concept of providing customers with quality services and the industry's highest cost-effective solutions, and aims to become an international first-class digital-analog hybrid IC design enterprise.


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